Frequently Asked Questions

*Please note that all funds are quoted in US Dollars*


How’s the fishing?

Check out our camp updates page for recent fishing reports and camp happenings, and like us on Facebook where we add guest photos throughout the season.

Do you sell fishing and hunting license?

No. We do not offer this service at camp, so please purchase your license ahead of time. We suggest purchasing online and printing at home, follow the link to do so now.     Buy your fishing license here.

Is there a length limit on walleyes?

Cliff Lake is in Zone 4 under Ontario Regulations. Our current regulations are 3 under 18.1 and one over if you hold a sportsman license.   Read about fishing regulations here.

Any Cliff Lake Resorts guests are required to release any and all walleyes over 19”. 

What time is check-in?

Check-in is 10:00am on Saturday

What time is check-out?

Check-out is 8:00am on Friday

Where can I get groceries?

You can bring most food items across the border. However, if you prefer to buy groceries in Canada we highly recommend Dutchies General Store.  You do need to order ahead of time (min 1 week but prefer 2 weeks), they are also an LCBO, and sell licenses. Dutchie’s General Store ( Other options are Safeway or Walmart located in Dryden and Kenora. Vermilion Bay Co-op located in Vermilion Bay. There is also a grocery store located in Ear Falls approximately 35 minutes North of camp.

What type of lures work best? 

This is a great question! And very specific to time of year/water temp and what species you are targeting. But general rules are … Lake Trout: trolling spoons, minnow harness, 3/8 – 1/2 oz jig head tipped with live bait or minnow imitation soft plastics. Muskies: spring and summer bucktails, suicks, top water, jerk baits. fall deep diving cranks, medusa and bulldawgs. Smallmouth: tube jigs, top water, live bait. Walleye: lindy rigs, 1/16 – 1/8 oz jig heads, worm harnesses. Northerns: spinner baits, jerk baits, top water.

How do I hold my reservation?

$100 nonrefundable deposit per adult and $50 nonrefundable deposit per child is required to hold the reservation. Your reservation is not guaranteed without a paid deposit.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel, we will roll over your deposit into different dates of the same year or into the following year with no penalty. You will be subject to any rate increases.

What if someone from my group cancels?

We reserve the right to hold their deposit or apply it to your stay depending on the cabin situation. If you are in a cabin that has a minimum occupancy requirement and your group drops below that you will be charged for the minimum occupancy if you do not notify us ahead of time. If we are notified ahead of time we will apply the cancellation deposit to the final bill and move your group to an appropriate sized cabin.

If you are in the Timber Frame you must meet the minimum occupancy rate. If you are renting out the Outpost you must meet the minimum occupancy rate.

What do I need to bring?

If you are staying at Lost Bay Resort, Musky Bay Camp or Moose Horn Cabins we provide all your bed linens and cooking utensils. At Cliff Lake Outpost you are required to bring your own bedding. All guests should bring their fishing stuff, bath towels, kitchen towels, dish soap, hand soap, and personal toiletries. We do sell some basic items in our store.

How do I get there?

We are located 27 miles due North of Vermilion Bay, Ontario on Highway 105. You can take Highway 17 West from Dryden or East from Kenora. We ask that all our guests check-in at Lost Bay and then proceed to your camp.

What is your address for GPS coordinates?

We do not have one. Type Cliff Lake Resorts in Perrault Falls, Ontario and we should pop up. Otherwise we are located 27 miles due North of Vermilion Bay.

What is the tax rate?

Hospitality stays are taxed at the Ontario rate of 13%. This is added on to your final bill at check out.

Is there cell phone service?

Maybe. It strongly depends on your carrier, and phone itself. There is a cell phone tower just South of camp that is compatible with our local phone carrier Tbay Tel. Tbay Tel is partnered with AT&T and Verizon; therefore, individuals with those carriers can expect to have some signal, but all phones are different.

Is there WIFI?

We do have internet at our main camp Lost Bay Resort, but we do reserve the right to restrict access to meet camp needs. Our bandwidth is only so big, and once we reach capacity we are shut off until our monthly renewal date. We ask guests that do use the internet to solely check emails or for simple browsing, such as the weather.

Are there grills?

Each cabin, at all three camps, is equipped with a charcoal grill. We do sell one-time use charcoal bags at our camp store.

Do you have live bait?

We do sell live bait at our main camp, Lost Bay Resort. We sell minnows, worms, and leeches by the dozen – prices and availability depend on our distributors.

What are the boats like? 

Please see our boat package page under accommodations! We offer six upgrades available – 1650 Discovery Crestliners, equipped with a 40 hp motor, 4 seats, Humminbird Helix 7 DP/GPS Combo, Minnkota Powerdrive 70 lb with iPilot, and 2 downriggers.

Our basic package rental boats are 16-foot Alumarines with padded swivel seats and 2020 electric start 20 hp Yamaha 4 stroke motors. Every boat is equipped with two paddles, an anchor, and a safety kit.

What other boat stuff do we need to bring?

We have very limited life jackets, nets, minnow buckets, and stringers. We ask guests to bring these items, if at all possible, to be able to provide guests who are flying or have forgotten something.

Can I add another person to my stay?

We put guests into cabins based on group size, so please call and let us know as soon as you do and we’d be happy to accommodate additional guests.

What are the minimum occupancy rates?

The Timber Frame requires a minimum of 5 adults. Please call for all other minimum occupancy cabin requirements. Only cabin 7 and cabin 9 at Lost Bay do not have minimum occupancy rates.

Can I request a specific cabin?

Yes. Guests can request cabins, BUT unless you are meeting the maximum occupancy rate, we cannot guarantee your request. Some of our cabins require a minimum number of guests to be able to make the request (separate from the minimum occupancy.) We reserve the right to change cabins at any time to meet camp needs. But your group will never share a cabin with another group.

What if I’m worried about crossing the border? 

There are multiple avenues that you can pursue to be confident about your border crossing experience. We are a member of NOTO and they can help you. Call 1-800-655-5787. Or call the port of crossing and talk to the immigration officer about your scenario. They can answer all of your questions!