Northwest Ontario Fishing


Northwest Ontario's Premier Drive-to Multi Species Lake

One of the most Northern lying lakes in the region, Cliff Lake boasts a unique combination of cold and warm water species of fish. Cliff Lake's pristine waters hold seven different species of fish for anglers to pursue.

Trophy Walleye
Lake Trout
Smallmouth Bass
Northern Pike

Musky'Our Best Kept Secret'

The old saying Musky is the fish of 10,000 casts is easily disputed when fishing on Cliff Lake in Northwest Ontario. Due to light fishing pressure, these muskies are not conditioned; follow more often, which leads to more strikes! Catch and release practices and proper handling methods by our guests have come a long way in establishing and maintaining a thriving population in Cliff Lake. Multi-fish days are a common occurrence on Cliff, with 20 - 30 fished boated in a weeklong trip for many groups who target muskies.

If you live for the thrill of chasing BIG fish or just want to get some musky slime in your boat then let Cliff Lake Resorts show you what musky fishing is all about! Those who have tracked the fabled beast on our waters already know that, without question, Cliff is a premier musky lake in Northwest Ontario's Sunset Country.

Trophy Walleye"A True Trophy Fishery"

With a long standing reputation as one of Northwest Ontario's top trophy walleye lakes Cliff's brand is big walleyes; additionally, with current regulations and practiced conservation efforts in mind more and more of our guests are enjoying a healthy walleye fishery. Many of the food sources in Cliff help produce large size walleyes due to a forage base that is naturally more oily and fatty: such as, white fish, cisco, and lake trout. With fish being caught topping the 32'' mark in recent years, and many 28'' -plus fish caught yearly by our guests, chances are good you could land your biggest walleye at Cliff Lake Resorts! And if that is not enough our cache lakes provide steady action throughout the season. These more remote lakes produce untold number of walleyes right in that sweet spot of 15" and 18", perfect for the frying pan.

Cliff Lake Resort guests are required to release any walleye over 19"

Lake Trout"Built Our Reputation"

Lake trout are plentiful in the main bodies of Northwest Ontario, varying in depth throughout the season. Lake trout are a double bonus fish, delicious to eat and unrivaled in the fight. Because of Cliff's depth of 117' these fish have the opportunity to grow to respectively large sizes, with numerous fish in the 30-33'' mark boated every year - we strongly encourage catch-and-release on these larger brood fish to ensure the longevity of this great fishery in Cliff Lake's waters. Trolling with downriggers is common practice on Cliff to cover large portions of water and locate schools of trout, couple that with a decent graphing unit and this approach will allow you to stay in the fish's strike zone longer and make your presentation more successful! Due to the selective harvest and conservation efforts of our guests over the years Cliff's trout population is at all-time highs! If you've never quarreled with one of Cliff Lake's most notorious fighters then make plans to visit Cliff Lake Northwest Ontario Fishing Resorts!

Cliff Lake Resort guests are required to release any lake trout over 24"

Smallmouth Bass"Cliff's Most Abundant Game Fish"

Regardless of conditions, smallmouth will be active and ready to bend your pole. Because of Cliff's clarity, most times you can sight fish on rock bars and fallen trees throughout the entire open water season. Just pick out a shoreline sprinkled with downed timber and sunken logs and you have the ingredients for a special day chasing bronze backs! Not only does Ontario's Cliff Lake boast an abundant population of these great fighting fish, but so do our smaller portage lakes! It doesn't matter if its action or trophy you're looking for, Cliff Lake Resorts will deliver on the smallies. Smallmouth are always cooperative; when cold and unstable weather patterns shut down most other species from actively feeding you can count on smallmouth bass to keep biting. Pound for pound the toughest fighting fish in Northwest Ontario Cliff Lake is the place to find yours!

Northern Pike"Nonstop Action"

Cliff Lake's northern population is steadily growing with healthy numbers of pike in the 32" and 38" range being caught annually, and in recent years fish over the 40" mark are being boated.

For nonstop action, and to keep the kids happy, cast the shallow bays, especially in the attached lakes for smaller but hard fighting pike. Because of the northern's aggressive nature it's best to use fast moving baits to trigger more fish and cover water faster. When targeting pike on Cliff look for downed wood and submerged trees in the spring, and move to the weed edge throughout the summer months.

Yellow Perch/Whitefish"Bonus Fish"

Whitefish are a bonus when fishing the depths for lake trout, abundant in Northwest Ontario, they are a great surprise on the end of your line and delicious in the frying pan - don't overlook these great sport fish. Speaking of good eating, yellow perch are also on the menu head on over to our portage lakes for a chance to get some true jumbos on your stringer. Fish up to 14" have been harvested in these smaller lakes making the adventure well worth the trip!